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Covid Boosters & Flu vaccines are available

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Women’s Health

Our female doctors are experienced in aspects of female health: screenings, contraception, coil, implanon, fertility, pregnancy care, peri and menopausal changes, breast health, sexual health, incontinence and prolapse issues. Learn more… 

Male Health

Men’s life expectancy remains lower than their female counterparts. Men are slower to attend for routine check-ups or to seek help when they are concerned We have designed health checks for those aged 40-70 as they may benefit most. Learn more…

Cardiac Screening

 Prevention is better than cure.  Our doctors are very experienced in cardiac assessment . BP monitoring, tracings of electrical activity and  risk assessment are used to ensure your heart health is how it should be. Learn more…

Skin Consultations

Our doctors are dermatologically trained and have vast experience in dealing with multiple skin problems. Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Folliculitis, Rosaces,  Hormone related changes, problematic moles and rashes.
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