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Welcome to Spiddal Medical Centre

  • The ethos of our practice is to provide gold standard excellence in health care to all our patients in a holistic comprehensive way.
  • As Preventative Medicine is a priority in this practice we have, over the past 25 years, developed an expansive approach.

Women’s Health

Our female doctors are experienced and passionate about all aspects of female health : contraception needs, fertility, pregnancy care, peri and menopausal changes breast health, sexual health,  incontinence and prolapse issues. Learn more…

Allergy Testing

 Dr Hilary Allen provides a bespoke Allergy service to individuals concerned regarding multiple allergies or intolerances. She holds clinics once weekly and appointments may be booked through contact with our reception staff. Learn more…


Cardiac Screening

 Heart Health is an essential factor as we age, Prevention is better than cure.  Our doctors carry out comprehensive examinations with arrangement of thorough BP monitoring, tracings of electrical activity and heart rates and assessment of function and associated cardiovascular  risk assessment to ensure your heart health is how it should be. Learn more…

Skin Consultations

Our doctors are dermatologically trained and have vast experience in dealing with multiple skin problems. Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne, Folliculitis, Rosaces,  Hormone related changes, problematic moles and rashes. Please contact reception for further details.