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Abnormal Blood Tests

Multiple types of blood test results are done at the medical centre each week.

Most sets of tests will show one or two minorly raised test results that are not significant and may vary according to age, bmi and body hydration.

Minor aberrations of this type will be communicated to the patient via doctor/ nurse through a range of communication methods preferable to the patient.

Full blood counts ( FBC)

This looks at your immunity, checks for anaemia and proper platelet function.

Urea and electrolytes ( U&E)

This checks your kidney function and electrolytes sodium,  potassium, urea, creatinine, magnesium if appropriate.

Liver function tests (LFT’s)

This checks your liver function looking at varying liver enzymes AST/ALT/ Alk Phos/GGT.

Cholesterol Check 

Iron Stores ( ferritin)

Iron studies ( transferrin saturation) 



Inflammatory Markers ( CRP/ESR) 

Coagulation tests  (INR/PT/APTT)