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Allergy Testing


Dr. Hilary Allen provides an Allergy Clinic for children and adults.

What to expect:
The allergy consultation takes approximately 1 hour. It involves a detailed history followed by
skin prick testing and occasionally, blood testing. Allergy is then confirmed or outruled as a
cause of the underlying symptoms. Some types of allergy are diagnosed on the history alone
and do not require testing. An individualised management plan is provided.

What conditions are treated:
 Anaphylaxis
 Food Allergy – immediate (rash, swelling, breathing difficulties) and delayed (colic,
reflux, constipation, diarrhoea)
 Hayfever
 Asthma
 Eczema
 Urticaria (Hive-type rash)

Services provided:
 Comprehensive allergy assessment
 Allergy testing
 Individualised allergy management plan
 Education on allergy self-management
 Allergen avoidance advice
 Adrenaline Pen prescription and education on appropriate use
 Optimised management of Asthma / Eczema / Hayfever
 Oral immunotherapy for Hayfever
 A comprehensive report is sent to your GP

What conditions are not treated:
 Drug allergy testing
 Bee / Wasp allergy testing and immunotherapy
 Patch testing for contact dermatitis

What age can children be tested?
Food allergy usually presents at the age of weaning. Therefore, allergy testing is performed
on children as young as 5-6 months old.
Allergy can present prior to this age in the form of eczema or delayed allergy symptoms
such as colic, reflux, constipation and feeding difficulties. Therefore, a comprehensive
allergy consultation in very young babies with these symptoms is appropriate and testing
may then be performed when the child is 6 months old.

What should I do prior to my appointment?
 No antihistamines should be taken for 1 week prior to allergy testing. If it is
necessary to take them, then please contact the clinic to let us know in case your
appointment needs to be re-scheduled.
 If you / your child has a fever or is unwell in the preceding 24 hours, then please re-
schedule the appointment.