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Cervical Screen

Cervical Check

The National Cervical Screening Programme provides FREE  smear tests to women aged 25 to 60.

There is no cost to this test provided you are eligible .

To Book Your Cervical Smear Please click HERE

Please click HERE to confirm your eligibility and to get your special ID number required for your Smear

For full information on the Cervical Screening programme please click HERE please 

If it is not possible for you to attend during the listed times please contact reception and we will try to accommodate you at another time .

  • A smear test is a simple procedure that only takes minutes and is the most effective way to detect changes in the cells of the cervix. These early changes, if not detected, may lead to development of cervical cancer.
  • It is advisable to arrange the appointment approximately 10 days following the first day of your last menstrual bleed. If you are not experiencing regular bleeding you may arrange it at any stage.
  • Results of your cervical screening smear are returned to your address private smear results are emailed directly.

Private Smears are also carried out with our doctors at your request should you wish to have a smear done outside the recommended age brackets or more frequently. Pricing can be confirmed on our fee page or you may contact or reception by email or by phone for further information.