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Covid Booster Vaccine


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We are now commencing vaccination clinics for the 2nd Covid booster Vaccine for Patients aged 65 and Over and immunocompromised over 16 years who are patients of the Medical centre spiddal   


Time Interval between Booster 1 and 2

  • The minimum interval period is four months after the first booster.

  • Where a patient has had Covid, the second booster vaccine is deferred for a minimum interval of four months following infection onset. 

  • The vaccine that will be given for the booster is Moderna (Spikevax) to All   Patients aged 65 years and over and Immunocompromised patients aged 30 years. 

  •  Immunocompromised Patients under 30 years of age will receive   Pfizer (Comirnaty):

  • For Information on the Booster Vaccine please click   Here