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ServicePrivate PatientMedical Card/ Doctor Visit Card
Standard Consultation (prolonged may incur additional fee)€60Covered
Consultation +referral
additional 10 euro per referral
€70 (+if further)Covered
Consultation & Bloods€90
Doctor Consultation prolonged €75may incur fee
Nurse Consultation
(Dr ordered/hosp blood tests*/ear syringing /dressings etc.)
Blood tests without being ordred by doctor on patient request only

House Calls€100Covered (Emergency)
Driving Licence Medical€60€60
Seasonal Influenza or Pneumococcal Vaccine€30Covered
Vit B12/Vi D/Fe injections
Course of B12 injxn( 5)
INR Blood tests/instant€35€15/ €5
Travel Consultation (required prior to vaccines) travel page€60€60
Travel VaccinesPrice on RequestPrice varies
Childhood Vaccines (2/4/6/12 &13 mths)CoveredCovered
Meningitis Vaccine ( Bexsero)€145€145
Private/GMS Work Certs€20€20
Letters /forms€25-50(variable with time req.)€25-50
Social Welfare CertsCoveredCovered
Sexual Health Screen (Includes Tests & Follow Up)€160€50
Health Screens
Menopause Medical
30 minute expert doctor consultation +extensive bloods.
Female Health Screening (60 min consult +bloods+ ECG) see further info€200€200
Male Health Screening (60 min consult + bloods+ECG ) see further info€200€200
Seafarer’s Medical see further info€110€110
Sexual Health Screen
(Includes full Tests & Follow Up)€75€75
Female Health
Cervical Smear (If registered with Cervical Check)CoveredCovered
Cervical Smear (Private lab cytology plus full HPV panel)€150€150
Mirena/Kyleena Coil Insertion (30 mins) r/v at 6 weeks additional.
(free ages 17-25)
€160€40 (consumables)
Mirena Coil Removal
(free aged 17-25)
€60€20 (consumables)
Implanon Insertion
(free aged 17-25)
€80€20 (consumables)
Implanon Removal
(free aged 17-25)
€120€40 (consumables)
Depo-Provera (Injection Only)
(free ages 17-25)
Scheduled Antenatal Care (6 visits only)CoveredCovered
Minor Surgery
Minor Surgical Procedures*Price on Request
Price on Request
Cryotherapy €60/VHI/LAYACovered
Heart Health
24 Hours Blood Pressure €100Covered
ECG (Electrical tracing of the heart)€35Covered
24 hour Holter Monitor€100€50
Full fasting bloods (incl.diabetes & cholesterol test)€35€35(hospital requests)/€5
DXA Scan
DXA SCAN (osteoporosis) see further info€100€100
DXA- Total Body Composition Scan€100€100
Medico-Legal Reports/Testamenary Capacity€325€325
Medico Legal Doctor Visit€60€60
Copy of Medical Records (to Solicitor)From €250From €250
Menopause Consultation
Comprehensive 30 min Doctor consultation +bloods
AMH ( anti-Mullerian hormone)€85€85