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FertilityFertility difficulties are estimated to affect 1 in 7 couples in Ireland.

Approximately 40 percent of cases are found to stem from female factors and another 40 percent from male factors. In 10 percent of couples, infertility factors are found in both the man and woman. In the remaining 10 percent, the infertility remains unexplained after testing.

Infertility is described as an inability to become pregnant following 2 years of unprotected regular sexual intercourse. A fertility check would be advised in women of 30 years or older at an earlier stage i.e following 1 year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Fertility check would also be advised in women following 2 consecutive miscarriages.

A fertility check comprises of the following details with one of our experienced female doctors:

  • Detailed History of your menstrual cycle
  • General Health Status
  • Relevant Family History
  • Pelvic Exam if indicated
  • Blood tests day 3 and 21
  • AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone)
  • Cervical Smear +/- chlamydia swab
  • Advice – maximising chances of conceiving
  • Risk factors identified and challenged
  • Psychological issues addressed
  • Partner Semen analysis and risk assessment
  • Referral for Hysterosalpingogram – if fallopian blockage suspected
  • Referral to specialist fertility clinic —- IVF/NAPpRO/ART where warranted.
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