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Heart Check

Are you concerned about palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, family history of heart problems or just want to check your heart?

The heart is your body’s pump/ engine that as we age can be affected in many ways– electrically, structurally and  compromise of its blood circulation.

We have Heart check assessments to assess all the factors that can affect your heart.

  • Blood pressure, Cholesterol, weight, family history, smoking habits, diet and exercise, stress are addressed.
  •  Cardiac Risk assessment: your likelihood of stroke or heart problems in the next 10 yrs? If risk in excess of 10% action is advised.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) is offered to check electrical activity is appropriate.
  • 24hr  blood pressure monitor to check that both night and day time pressures are appropriate and are not compromising your hearts function.
  • Holter monitor to further assess electrical activity if warranted.
  • Discussion about potential further treatments or investigation -Need for statins or other medications,  Stress Test ( EST), Angiogram.
  • Plan to improve and optimise your heart health.

Please contact reception on 091 553135 for an appointment.