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Pregnancy and parenthood is both an exciting and challenging time.

Good information and support are thus invaluable in finding what is best for you and your baby.

Mother and Infant Scheme:

  • This Scheme encompasses the combined care by both your GP and Hospital Obstetrician for your Pregnancy.
  • You should visit your GP prior to the 12th week of your pregnancy ( to apply for the scheme) and your Hospital Antenatal Clinic prior to the 20th week gestation.
  • Your care will alternate between the Hospital and General Practitioner.
  • The Scheme covers payment for 6 visits to your GP . Visits in excess of this will incur a fee for private patients. It also includes five visits to the hospital service.
  • Vaccinations of both the flu and whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine are recommended for all expectant mothers and are free of charge. Flu vaccine may be taken at any stage of the pregnancy and whooping cough vaccine is recommended between 16-36 weeks. Further information at

Scheme Outline:

24weeks-GP (plus vaccines)

28 weeks-GP ( hospital if first pregnancy)


32 weeks-Hospital

34 Weeks-GP

36 Weeks-Hospital

37 Weeks – GP

38 Weeks- hospital

39 Weeks-GP

40 Weeks –Hospital

All infants should be reviewed at 2 weeks post delivery by their GP.

All infants and mothers require Post natal check-up at 6 weeks by their GP.

Health Care during Pregnancy

  • Throughout your pregnancy you must consider both the baby and yourself. This can best be achieved by adhering to the following advice
  • Avoid smoking
  • Folic acid should be taken before , where planned, and up to 12 weeks during early pregnancy
  • Medication should not be taken unless advised by your doctor
  • Avoid alcohol as it may harm your baby
  • Avoid liver, soft cream cheeses or pates
  • Strive to eat a normal well balance diet during your pregnancy and to remain in good physical condition.
  • Diabetes in Pregnancy is increasingly common and reduction in sugar intake throughout your pregnancy is strongly advised.
  • Weight gain in pregnancy should not exceed 12 kg.
  • Iron tablets are often advised after 20 weeks gestation to optimise your iron level.
  • Antenatal Classes may be very beneficial for an expectant mother in meeting other mothers and , where applicable, involving and educating ones partner.
  • Breast feeding has numerous advantages for you and your baby and should always be considered.
  • Although vaginal bleeding during pregnancy occurs in up to 20% of all normal pregnancies- if concern it should always be discussed with your GP or emergency on call services.

Helpful information and websites

We have all heard of the benefits of breast feeding for both baby and mother.

Most mums require support when establishing breast feeding. Well informed support is available from midwives, Public Health Nurse and your GP but websites below may be very helpful. /

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