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Prostate Screen

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer and the second most common cause of cancer deaths in men in Ireland — 550 deaths per year

The PSA blood test can give an early indication of prostate cancer but experts disagree on how useful it may be.

Although it may increase diagnosis of early cancer the PSA test does not necessarily improve mortalitly rates.

Prostate cancer is less common in men <50 yrs

The risk of developing prostate Cancer is greatest in those with a family history and Afro-Carribean descent.

The only way to best diagnosis Prostate cancer is with a Digital rectal exam ( examination of the back passage with a gloved finger).

If findings are suspicious your GP may recommend you to have a PSA blood test.

PSA test is a prostate specific antigen test . It is not specific enough to diagnose Prostate Cancer in itself and must be done alongside a prostate rectal examination

The pros and cons of prostate screening are well described in the information below and should be read by all men thinking about a test.

To avail of the prostate Screen please contact our reception staff for an appointment at 091-553135 or speak to your doctor.

Cost : Normal consultation fee including blood test €75.