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STI Testing

STD/STI Clinic (Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection)

At Spiddal Medical Centre we provide a confidential service for full STD/STI testing.

  • Patients are welcomed in a confidential setting on an appointment basis. Our doctors are experienced in dealing with STD’s with specific training in this area.
  • Urine, swabs and blood tests along with sexual history and examination are required for a full comprehensive STD screen and can be completed within in one appointment. In depth advice is given in relation to complications, avoidance and preventative measures.
  • Test results may take approximately 5-7 working days. If required, all results will be provided to the patient via email/paper copies.
  • ‘STD check’, may screen for a wide variety of sexually transmitted diseases:

HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Trichomonas, Herpes, Pelvic InflammatoryDisease, Non Gonoccocal urethritis(NGU), HPV (Human papilloma virus), Genital warts

Most of these STD/STI infections can be managed and treated easily.

  • Cryotherapy is available, on site, for treatment of Genital warts (Human papilloma virus)

Morning appointments are preferable so samples may be sent early to the laboratory.

If you have any current symptoms that concern you please make an urgent appointment to prevent further discomfort, problems or spread of infection.

What are STD’s?

STI or STD stands for sexually transmitted infections or sexually transmitted diseases. They are passed from person to person through sexual contact or skin to skin contact. If left untreated STD ‘s may lead to infertility in both sexes and other serious medical conditions.

The most common STD’s in Ireland are chlamydia and Genital warts.

Can STD ‘s be prevented?

Condoms will dramatically decrease the chances of someone getting an STI such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and HIV, however they do not offer complete protection from infections that are spread through skin to skin contact, such as herpes, syphilis and genital warts.

Abstinence from sex and intimate sexual contact is the only way to give yourself 100% protection against sexually transmitted infections. Thus regular STD testing in sexually active adults is warranted.

How can they be treated?

The majority of STD may be cured easily with antibiotic treatment and avoidance of further sexual intercourse until treatment is complete. Other STD’s such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV will require specialised long term treatment.

What do I say to my partner?

Be honest! If you have symptoms you need to inform them of the risk of infection and avoid intercourse. STD ‘s are very common. Sexually active adults should be aware of both the risks and need for quick diagnosis and treatment to prevent complications and spread of infection.

How often should STD’s be checked?

All sexually active adults should have their STD screen done regularly. STD screen is particularly important following unprotected sex with an untested/unknown partner or with a ‘high risk’ partner. Sexually active homosexual men should be encouraged to get tested regularly and to attend for safe sex counselling to reduce the risk of contracting STD’s. Hepatitis B Injection programme (x 3 shots) is strongly advised in this group.

How much does an STD screen cost?

Full STD screen + consultation 80 euro
Medical Card Holders – discounted rate 50 euro