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Travel/ Occupational Vaccines

The travel consulation

Each patient requiring Travel Vaccines are asked to contact our reception staff to book a travel consult with one of our doctors.

  • Travel Consultation includes the following
  • Detailed review of your travel schedule is required.
  • We are members of the Travel Medicine Society of Ireland and in addition to our Health Professional specific software , we can ensure that our travel advice is relevant and tailored to your travel itinerary. We have access to Travel Alerts worldwide as soon as they are released so can give up-to-the-minute advice on health risks in your destinations.
  • Once your vaccination requirements are reviewed the vaccine schedule can begin.
  • Each patient is emailed a comprehensive ‘ travel information pack’ tailored to their specific itinerary.
  • Preventative measures against food and water borne infections, insect bites and sexually and blood-borne infections (Malaria , Dengue fever) are explored.
  • Malaria risk is assessed and medication prescribed.
  • A prescription for essential first aid Travel kit is also provided – including a range of anti- diarrhoeal medications, antibiotic courses and topical creams.
  • Each patient is given a vaccine record card to retain. This is essential for entry to certain countries but will also be useful while away should the traveller become ill.

How much do they cost?

Travel Consultation€45
Return Visits (vaccinations with our Practice nurse)€20
Basic Recommended Vaccines for most travellers:
Hepatitis A & Typhoid*€75
Tetanus & Diphtheria€20
Additional Vaccines depending on itinerary:
Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio€35
Yellow Fever (required for certain countries)€40
Hepatitis A€45
Hepatitis B* (course of three injections)€35 per injection
Hepatitis A & Hepatitis B€50
Rabies (course of three injections)€60 per injection
Varicella vaccine ( chickenpox) ( x 2 shots)€70 per injection
Japanese B Encephalitis (course of two injections)€110 per injection
*These vaccines can be administered in a number of vaccine combinations and we will always endeavour to choose the combination which offers the cheapest financial cost to our patients.
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How long before travelling ?

Basic Recommended Vaccines for most travellers: Hepatitis A & typhoid and Tetanus and Diptheria may be given 2 weeks prior to travelling and are appropriate for many short duration or straightforward holiday destinations! Ideally, vaccinations, particularly multiple shots, those for long duration or multiple country travel itineraries, should be arranged 6 months prior to travelling. However, if this is not possible, many of the multiple shot schedules may be given within an accelerated programme of one month. Most of the vaccines will not be protective 1-2 weeks following the final dose and thus 6 weeks is really the shortest safest window for many of these travel vaccine schedules. Some protection is better than none – and thus we will endeavour to cover you for as much as possible no matter what your travel commitments! Read more

How long do they last?

Duration of the vaccines vary greatly. We will inform you at the time of your travel consult regarding duration of your tailored vaccine plan. Booster shots may be organised at certain time periods to increase the duration of effectiveness.
For further details please contact our reception staff at 091-553135.
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